Asus TUF Gaming K7 Optical-Mech Gaming Keyboard with Linear Switch, Detachable Wrist Rest, IP56 Wat

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  • Asus TUF Gaming K7 Optical-Mech Gaming Keyboard with Linear Switch, Detachable Wrist Rest, IP56 Wat

    ASUS TUF Gaming K7 Optical-Mech Keyboard with IP56 resistance to dust and water, aircraft-grade aluminium, and Aura Sync lighting

    Engineered with innovative optical-mechanical switches for precise actuation that's 25X faster than a standard mechanical keyboard, and supplied with linear switches

    IP56 resistance to dust and water ingress, aircraft-grade aluminium faceplate and up to twice the lifespan of traditional mechanical switches for long-term reliability

    Broad, deep memory-foam pad for comfortable, and integrated magnets for fast attachment or removal.

    Individually-backlit keys with Aura Sync RGB LED technology for unlimited personalisation options

    Map macros on-the-fly to our fully programmable keys, adjust settings with enhanced Armoury II software, and store profiles on the keyboard's onboard memory

    Battlefield domination beckons with the light-speed actuation of TUF Gaming K7's Optical-Mech switches. Choose linear or tactile to match your play style, and exploit the compact design to stay in command. K7 is water and dust resistant, topped with aircraft-grade aluminium, comes with a detachable wrist rest, and has per-key Aura Sync illumination - for a fast and fun way to light up your gaming world.

    TUF Optical-Mech Switches
    Each TUF Optical-Mech switch casts a beam of infrared light. Pressing a key causes the shaft to break the beam for near-instant actuation. This unique design eliminates the 5ms debounce delay intrinsic to traditional metal contacts, slashing total actuation time to just 0.2ms - so it's quicker than the blink of an eye!

    Linear Mechanical Switches

    • Linear response without audible click
    • 47 g actuation force
    • 3mm travel distance

    IP56 Water & Dust Resistance
    TUF Gaming K7 delivers industry-leading IP56 water and dust resistance, while our Optical-Mech switches are rated for up to 100-million clicks - or twice the lifespan of traditional mechanical switches. A top plate machined from aircraft-grade aluminium provides stylish exterior strength, and we've even nano-coated the PCB to prevent internal metal parts oxidizing.

    TUF-Gaming-K7 Compact Design
    TUF Gaming K7's compact, frameless form lets you reach every key easily, so you'll game without distraction. This floating-keycaps design also makes for swift cleaning, with clear all-round access to brush or blow away dust and crumbs.

    Armoury II
    Armoury II is an enhanced driver-based software that offers more extensive controls while using less system resources. An intuitive UI lets you easily tune TUF Gaming K7 to suit your gameplay - create profiles, customise colours and lighting effects, map keys, record macros and more. You can even track hardware stats during gameplay for data analysis.

    Magnetic & Ergonomic Wrist Rest
    TUF Gaming K7 comes with an ergonomic wrist rest crafted from thick memory foam and finished with leatherette, for cool comfort that molds naturally to your posture. Strong magnets keep this cushioned pad in place during play, and also enable it to be rapidly detached when you need to change your angle of attack or stow your keyboard in a bag.

    Aura Sync
    Powered by Aura Sync, the entire colour spectrum and a range of dynamic lighting effects are at your command to create a keyboard that's uniquely yours - with an individually-controllable LED under every key. TUF Gaming K7's RGB illumination is also easily synced with the extensive Aura ecosystem for gaming environment that really shines.

    1.5mm actuation point

    Technical Specification

    Asus TUF Gaming K7 Optical-Mech Gaming Keyboard with Linear Switch, Detachable Wrist Rest, IP56 Wat

    Input Device

    Layout UK
    Hot Keys Function Multimedia
    Localization and Layout UK
    Keyboard Technology Optical-mechanical
    Anti-ghosting Yes
    Palm Rest Yes
    Protection IP56
    Features Numeric keypad
    Width 43.9 cm
    Depth 13.1 cm
    Height 3.7 cm
    Weight 794 g


    Device Type Keyboard
    Backlit RGB
    Interface USB


    Colour Silver

    Software & System Requirements

    OS Required Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10