Ducky One2 Mini 60% RGB USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Cherry MX Switch UK Layout

  • £12999

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  • 60% size
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Dual layer PCB
  • PBT double shot seamless keycaps
  • 3 level adjustable feet

Ducky One2 Mini 60% RGB USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Cherry MX Switch UK Layout

Featuring PBT double shot seamless keycaps with side laser engraving, a smaller size, but with no functions sacrificed, the Ducky One2 Mini is one of the best looking, and best value, 60% boards on the market. Whether it's a keyboard for gaming, a keyboard for typing or a portable keyboard for LAN parties, the Ducky One2 Mini is so versatile it has you covered!


  • 10 additional PBT double - shot colourful keycaps (Random colour)
  • Brand new bezel design and Dual layer PCB
  • PBT double - shot seamless keycaps
  • Supports Ducky Macro 2.0, the most powerful hardware available in the market
  • 3 level adjustable feet and Detachable USB Type - C cable
  • Brand new RGB lighting modes and mode architecture
  • 60% size, lightweight and extremely portable


Primary: Black Double Shot PBT with Backlit (clear) legends


  • RGB LED Primary LEDs: RGB (SMD)
  • RGB LED Control LEDs: RGB

Switch Type

Cherry MX Blue

  • Behavior: Clicky
  • Feel: Heavy
  • Actuation Force: 60g to get over the tactile bump
  • Actuation Point: 2mm
  • Total Travel Distance: 4mm
  • Sound Level: Loud
  • Rated Lifespan: 50 million keystrokes per key


Recommended for: Primarily typing. The Cherry MX Blue has a distinct "click" sound when depressed beyond the tactile point, making it the loudest switch in the Cherry MX family. The Cherry MX Blue's separated slider construction also provides the highest tactile feedback out of all Cherry MX switches. With that said, the two-piece slider construction also introduces a very pronounced hysteresis, making rapid firing a bit more challenging than linear switches.


Every Ducky One 2 Mini comes with 10 additional PBT Double-Shot Colourful Keycaps (Random colour)


Details and Specifications

  • Size 60%
  • Physical Layout UK QWERTY
  • Logical Layout ISO
  • Frame Colour Black
  • Primary LED Colour RGB
  • Control LED Colour RGB
  • USB Key Rollover Full
  • Multimedia Keys Yes
  • Switch Mount Type Plate
  • Built in Audio Port No
  • Built in Mic Port No
  • Interface(s) USB-C
  • Windows Compatible Yes
  • Mac Compatible Yes
  • Linux Compatible Yes
  • Dimensions 11.50" x 4.25" x 1.50"
  • Weight 2.00 lbs
  • Cord Length 50 inches